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Whether we are at home and at shows, our customers love to be successful and
 competitive.  But no matter what happens, we love to have fun and enjoy
our horses and friends.  After all, that's why we do this, right?


Florida Classic, February 2005, Tampa, FL

 Enjoying the sunshine in
 Florida, (L to R) Erica,
 Valerie, Marysue,
 Dutch, and Cheree.

 Eric Lindgren and Annie
 are relaxing after a great
 the run in the Youth.

Kelli and Missin Lil Pep give Nate (the "Nate-Meister"  a ride.

CJ and "Winston" take a well deserved break

Maryclaire ("Mom") and
Eric relax by the stalls

Marysue takes a break
from studying her pattern
book to say "hi."

Nate is ready to ride in
his little chair with his
boots and spurs on!

Val and Eric hang out
after a successful day!

The Christmas Party, December 11, 2004 ~ in the Barn

A Festive bunch at the
Christmas party and it's Jon's
Birthday!  Betty is giving him
his cake while Niki takes
pictures.  It turns into a busy
night in the barn at Cradlepine!
 Don and Evelyn are
 enjoying their meal
 with Marysue and

 Betty presents Jon
 with his gift!

 Kim and Todd
 are enjoying the

 Shelby, Betty, Jeff,
 and Gabby

Don, Marysue, Margaret, Sue, and David
all enjoy a drink and swap stories

Jon and Dutch look like they're up to something!

Jon shows off his anatomically correct birthday

 Charlie and Betty and
 their new "wife" Jon,
 complete with his pretty
 new apron!!

 Jon tastes his birthday
 cake after he blows out
 all of his candles.